Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sick Elder

Thats funny you metioned elder ellis, because i just had my last Visa trip a few days ago and I was in the same endowment session as him and we talked a little bit after. I have never bumped into elders from other missions in Kiev, so it was quite the coincidence. I cant say that i remember Elder Barnes, I was in the group before Elder Ellis, so i dont know that we met. but let him know that Elder Ellis is alive and well. In other news, right after the Visa trip i got sick and i have been sick for a few days now with a fever, headache, sick stomach. not too fun but i suppose it as bound to happen at some point . I should be better by tomorrow. News on the phone home. Im not going to be able to call you due to the fact that i will have skyping capabilities at the senior couple in our district. I will skype in to dewitt.paul at 7 oclock pm on sunday MY TIME. that might make it 9am sunday mrning your time but you will have to check. If something doent work with that send me an email before sunday and i will call you on my monday, but that should work. Im excited to talk to you! have a good week, I love you guys! Love Elder Paul

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