Friday, May 4, 2012

Lots of Potential!

Alright, so heres the deal, the new area has been up and going for about 3 days now. My new companion Elder Samuelson is a great guy from Sandy Utah who is ready to learn. He is already a great missionary. He is half Peruvian and his dad is a scientist. The new apartment is a little underfurnished. no iron yet, so ive worn the same shirt for the last 4 days. hopefully we will pick up an iron today. this area used to be a part of another area in our district, but it was underworked because of its separation from the metro. its about 20 minutes on a train from the station komsomolskaya and we live on the station perlovskaya in what is called Mitischi, and region in the moscow oblast. We have been contacting quite a bit, but havent seen a whole lot of success yet. It seems like the people here have a slightly different attitude and are seemingly less willing to talk. I am sure however, that with the help of the Lord we will find those who the Lord has prepared. This is and will be the hardest area of my mission i think, and it will be a great opportunity to rely on the Lord. We have about 10 members in our area and one of them is active, who is the bishop and his wife. We dont have any of the records yet, we are getting them from the other Elders today, but from what it sounds like, there will be some opportunity to work with inactive members. Everything is completely new. Instead of going to the central building for church, yesterday we went to Sokolniki metro station. our ward is a bit smaller than rechnoy or arbatski with about 60 or 70 at church on sunday as opposed to 100 to 110. There are very few youth, but it turns out that i already know quite a few of the members just from meeting them at the central building, but none of the ones I know are in our area. So thats pretty much whats happening here. I am focused and working hard. Today sister Lawrence is doing a devotional on the tribes of israel, which i am excited for. I love you guys and am excited to talk to you in a few weeks! when is mothers day anyway?? Well, congratulations Katrina on graduating, for a second there i didnt think you were going to make it. Молодец as they say here. Love Elder Paul

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