Monday, May 21, 2012


Congratulations to Delaney on state! I will be there to cheer her on next year when they take 1st. As far as the Visas go, that sounds like a pain in the butt, but im sure it will all be worth it! I have had a couple requests of things from the US, either in a package or just to bring when you come. Big Red gum and some of the presidents dollar coins. And some souvenirs from las vegas would be a good idea too. I cant wait to introduce you all to the wonderful friends i have made, members and non-members. This last week we didnt see any new investigators, but we have great potential for the future. we met with a few members out at the far end of our area, another 30 min from moscow a city called Pushkina. I went out there on a split with Elder Clawson, and while we were along the side of a forest, his foot fell in a black mud hole and we had to wash it out in a dirty little stream and try to mask the smell for a meeting that we had soon after that. It was a good little split and we are working closer with the members in our area now. Everyone has given me about a thousand recomendations of what to do when you guys come and there is no way thet we will be able to do everything, but Vitaly Donosov's mom offered to take us on a tour through the kremlin, as she used to be a tour guide there. so maybe that will work out. Today ina few hours we will be going to moscow to play frisbee in the park with a bunch of investigators. I have only really played frisbee once on my mission, so it should be fun. I think I will get some KFC for lunch here in a few minutes. here they call kfc "Rostiks" for whatever reason. I have been eating a lot of Mak Dak lately, so its time for a change. we live right next to this mall and theres such great food here that i would much rather eat here sometimes than making stuff. I dream of mothers home cooked dishes. chicken supreme has been popping up in my mind a lot lately. and italian sodas. America definitely beats Russia in the snack competition. Ive been craving some goldfish and cheeseits and cheetos and white cheddar popcorn and raisinets and so on. maybe its agood thing they dont have all that here so my wallet wont go empty and my health wont get any worse. We had an open house this week in our ward and we had 4 investigators there and overall there were maybe ten non-members, so that was good. This week we will meet with an investigator and her son in law and try to start working with him to help him stop drinking. I havent had too much experience with that on my mission surprisingly, as everyone here drinks, but I figure most of the people that have been prepared to recieve the gospel dont have problems drinking. But thats not always the case. We also have a great investigator named Timur and we are hoping to help him quit smoking and drinking. He is a great kid 20 years old who we met throgh english club and hes stoked about coming to church, hes been twice, and he wants to increase his faith. great sincere guy. well time is up, so good luck this week, cant wait to hear from you next week! Love, ELder Paul

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