Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Companion

So heres the down low on Elder White, not to be confused with elder Wight, who is also here, and no they have never served together. He is from Salt Lake, The City and he fancies himself a good PB&J. He is very intelligent in every facet of the word. He can walk and not be weary, run and not faint, for he is enveloped in energy, but is as calm as a cucumber. he was just in kiev yesterday on his visa trip, so thats why there s no pics of him at the dacha.
We went to vladimirs dacha yesterday and it was perhaps the most pleasant and incredible day of my life. I experienced a real russian Banya! this means sauna basically, and it was truly amazing. After working real hard at the dacha we got to kick back and relax a little bit. I loved it so much.
We today went to the zoopark and experienced the nature of moscow at its finest. by the way, look up the song moscow never sleeps and fully enjoy it. The whole district was there, enjoy the picture.
I am loving every second of the work and have recently gotten some really good studys. That is vital to study if we wish to grow spiritually, and the ratio is 2:2.
I dont have much time, but i send my love
Elder Paul is forever

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalk Drawing and a Temple Trip

The other day we went chalk drawing and it was going great, we got out a couple BOMs (by the way, im all about flooding the world with the book of Mormon) and right as we were finished this lady came up and started freaking out. I assured her that everything we were doing was legal, but she was not happy about that. she holds some seat on some obviously low government position and was very persistent on informing the church officials of what we were doing. She Informed us that Russia is a pravaslavnaya that is "russian orthodox" country and that we are not allowed here. she then got some cleaners to dump a bucket of water over our masterpiece, after which i told her that she was a very nice woman, and we left. (see picture)
Yesterday I had Visa Trip to Kiev. On the plane ride i read crime and punishment, which i quite enjoyed. we made it through a session and had lunch and thats about it cuz our plane was delayed in getting there. I love the temple everytime i am there.
We met with Maxim, who is this way awesome sharp young guy we have been meeting with. He invited us to go skydiving with him on Saturday for about 50 bucks. we explained that we couldnt, but i might change my mind...
Speaking of the book of mormon, it’s all about flooding the earth with her. I am convinced that if we get a book of mormon in every home, its game over. maybe people don’t read it, but someday they might, and maybe they will chuck it or give it to someone else..the thing is, its kinda hard to get rid of a full on hard cover, golden titled book.
Zone conference is tommorow and Elder White and I are giving a training on Teaching Repentance.
Our Zone is Phenomenal. We have had the chance to go on a couple splits and i love those guys so much!
I love you all, stay classy.
Love , Elder Paul

I will post the pictures soon - Katrina

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Latest Batch of Pictures : )


Every day seems to be busier than the last, and more rewarding. We have been meeting with a new investigator who is a great young cool guy who would be perfect for the church. He is interested in it at least, so who knows. Ty Nielson is on a cruise right now, that dirty dog, i got an email from him assuring me that he was safe and sound.
Time is really going by too fast and practically the whole mission is new. It has been and will be fun going on splits with a lot of the new missionaries. They are so much better at the language now than i was when i came out, its phenomenal.
Recently I have learned patience. Missionary work is not in any way a fast thing, and it can be frustrating when solid investigators just dont answer the phone anymore, but i am confident that there are prepared people out there who i will help in their path to baptism and eternal life.
I have small time right now, so i will get these photos on. I have a 12 min talk on sunday on eternal familiy, and its like whatever. im really excited for it///
we will be going to the zoopark today

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Rescue of a Journal and a Bright Future

Last week end of the week was really great, we had 4 new investigators which was great. Some of them are really promising guys, one of them is leaving in a week for stockholm, sweden. One is buddist and we taught him the plan of salvation. He is a really nice sincere guy...time will tell what comes of him.
Elder Nielson is gone and he forgot his journal in the airport, but he called us on the plane from some girls phone. we returned to the airport to try and find it. We went to the information desk to ask someone to help us and as we looked through the glass of the info desk, his journal was sitting right there! we snagged it and high-tailed it out of there. I dont know how we will get it to him, either mail it or send it with someone else, but if you could just let his mom know that we got it, cuz he still doesnt know if we found it.
So Elder LEx is no longer my comp, he is AP with Elder Breedlove. I am currently in a threesome with them until transfers tomorrow when all the chaos is sorted out. Its been a crazy couple of days. Last night we had service helping the most fantastic family move, they are living in my area now. Oh they are Incredible!
I will be serving with Elder White now probably for the next two transfers. He was companions with Elder Lex in the MTC and is from utah. He is a really nice guy and im excited to serve with him.
It was really sad to see Pops leave today, actually going home seems so much more real now, its scary. I only have 8 transfers left and then i am in the same boat. I had better make it worth it and work my butt off. I sleep on every form of transpot and have trained my body to wake up every 4 minutes and then instantly shut off again.
Today we saw 8 new missionaries come in, 7 elders and 1 sister. They are really great and i am really excited for the future of this mission.
I dont have a whole lot of time today, but boy is the mission the greatest thing in the world! and it just keeps getting better!
I love you all, and I love the work. Thank you for all of your support and Love.
Love, Elder Paul