Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalk Drawing and a Temple Trip

The other day we went chalk drawing and it was going great, we got out a couple BOMs (by the way, im all about flooding the world with the book of Mormon) and right as we were finished this lady came up and started freaking out. I assured her that everything we were doing was legal, but she was not happy about that. she holds some seat on some obviously low government position and was very persistent on informing the church officials of what we were doing. She Informed us that Russia is a pravaslavnaya that is "russian orthodox" country and that we are not allowed here. she then got some cleaners to dump a bucket of water over our masterpiece, after which i told her that she was a very nice woman, and we left. (see picture)
Yesterday I had Visa Trip to Kiev. On the plane ride i read crime and punishment, which i quite enjoyed. we made it through a session and had lunch and thats about it cuz our plane was delayed in getting there. I love the temple everytime i am there.
We met with Maxim, who is this way awesome sharp young guy we have been meeting with. He invited us to go skydiving with him on Saturday for about 50 bucks. we explained that we couldnt, but i might change my mind...
Speaking of the book of mormon, it’s all about flooding the earth with her. I am convinced that if we get a book of mormon in every home, its game over. maybe people don’t read it, but someday they might, and maybe they will chuck it or give it to someone else..the thing is, its kinda hard to get rid of a full on hard cover, golden titled book.
Zone conference is tommorow and Elder White and I are giving a training on Teaching Repentance.
Our Zone is Phenomenal. We have had the chance to go on a couple splits and i love those guys so much!
I love you all, stay classy.
Love , Elder Paul

I will post the pictures soon - Katrina

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