Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Every day seems to be busier than the last, and more rewarding. We have been meeting with a new investigator who is a great young cool guy who would be perfect for the church. He is interested in it at least, so who knows. Ty Nielson is on a cruise right now, that dirty dog, i got an email from him assuring me that he was safe and sound.
Time is really going by too fast and practically the whole mission is new. It has been and will be fun going on splits with a lot of the new missionaries. They are so much better at the language now than i was when i came out, its phenomenal.
Recently I have learned patience. Missionary work is not in any way a fast thing, and it can be frustrating when solid investigators just dont answer the phone anymore, but i am confident that there are prepared people out there who i will help in their path to baptism and eternal life.
I have small time right now, so i will get these photos on. I have a 12 min talk on sunday on eternal familiy, and its like whatever. im really excited for it///
we will be going to the zoopark today

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