Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear all: on account of me being very short on time this day i would like to inform you of the news here in order of importance:
first-the faucet in our kitchen is leaking again.
second: the amount of pasta intake that my body has somehow controlled is incredible.
third: I will, on tomorrows day be serving in the arbatski branch.
area specifications: unknown. Companion: Elder Page. Origin of
Companion: Unknown. Duration of Stay: Unknown. Location of Area:
somewhere in the heart of moscow. Reason: to serve the whole Lord and nothing but the Lord. Target: to baptize. Target Specifics: UNKNOWN.

I am excited to be serving in a new area. Leaving friends here will be difficult, but doable. I was going to say something else of worth but i just forgot...
...yeah oh yeah elder Page will be district leader, and i will be in the same district as the well known Elder Nielson, known as my father.

Also, this are that i am leaving, rechnoy that is is way stoked right now, its too bad to leave right when we have so much potential. i am afraid my time is short and i must still write president. perhaps i will learn how to type sometime, but probably not because i have gotten pretty good with two fingers.

I love you all very much and i realize that for whatever reason some of you might follow my emails. please take whatever i say...hmmm something to do with a grain of salt.
We are the salt of the earth, so its about time we start acting like it. If you seek for happiness, ask yourselves if you are keepin His commandments. so many people have such problems and the only way to solve them is be keeping the comandments. oh how weak is man, and how quick to forget. be the quick.

Love Almighty,
Elder Paul

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Transfers are Approaching!

Well, This next week is probably my last in the Rechnoy branch and The work here is finally going crazy! we have several investigators to work with and a whole branch as well-lots of inactives whose home teachers are inactive...hmmm.
so yeah theres a whole lot of stuff to be doing. This past sunday elder ablett and i gave the lessson in gospel principles. we had one investigator there, Muxaul who we helped with the remont. we also finally got an inactive melchezedech priesthood holder to church-we has been working with him for a while now and it was way great to get him back, hopefully he will next week too.
We had culture night and we went to swan lake at the Kreml. It was wonderfull, turns out the other district went the same night so thats why elder nielsons in the picture. it was incredible. the best part to me was the orchestra-way good stuff, and we got 7th row seats for the first half, cuz nobody claimed them, so good stuff, thats just how its done here.
I still dont know what will be happening at transfers, but Im almost 100percent not staying in the beloved rechnoy district. Im going to miss it a whole lote!
We met with a small family who we met when we were helping michael with his remont and they are actiually the landlords of the place where mehaeel is living and they invited us to dinner. they are gret and the babushgka speaks english very well.
I will send you some pictures cuz im short on time.
I love you all, Now is the time to prepare to meet God. Each day, each second is of great value. Learn to master your minds.
Elder Paul

Here are the pictures:

Try and find all the Mitchells : )

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good thing he's not a girl!

As far as i can remember this week has been awesome! we had an investigator at church and hes great, also we dropped by a couples appartment from 7 years ago, she was inactive and he is not a member. nobody was home so we left a little note in the box. Crazily enough, she called us back the next day. this is crazy because people never call back. never. So that was a miracle in itself. turns out in the past 7 years her husband died and she remarried. she doesnt go to church, she is not even on the branch list! I think we might have found a lost one, but yet i can not say. The weather has been uphilling but today the snow goes, so who knows when it will end.
Yesterday we had Specialized Training which is zone conference and it was way gnarly awesome. My gramps is leaving after this transfer and he bore his testimony (elder Morgan) and it was awesome. We are losing 8 missionaries at the end of this transfer and tgaining 7 3 elders and 4 sisters...this transfer ends the last day of the month, and im probably getting transfered, as i have served in my first area for 5 transfers, which is a long time in one area! also today marks exactly 9 months that i have been on my mission! if i were a girl that would be my half way mark! Good thing im not a girl huh? yeah....
Last night we were walking home through the metro and i see the same old lady that stands there every night and i had to buy something from her. she had a picachu little stuffed animal, which is crazy cuz they dont have pokemon anything in russia. so i bought it for 5 rubies. I love her so much, next time ill ask her if she has any old soviet coins, they take my fancy.
Sounds like therre are earthquake at Japan and watter is rampid. Hows that goin/. i dont hear much news here. Also tring to figure out the definition for the word incipid. I really need an english to english dictionary, because as it turns out i dont even know the english tounge. so yeah I need to buy abunch of toiletries today, cuz everything always seems to run out at the exact same time, funny how that works. My know.

Love from Elder Paul

Thank you for all your love and support for Elder Paul! We (his family)truly appreciate it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round Two (with two different people)

To whom ity may concern.
Im afraid that my emails are becoming far too bland, and in order to spice it up i would like to make up stories and create rich fantisies that cause you to hold your breath on every word, resulting in you passing out on top of your computer from a lack of oxygen. the computer would then overheat because of your added body head resulting in a freak fire that would burn your eyebrows off resulting in a steep downward spiral of a loss of self confidence and necessary, but strangely unnecessary hair patterns. so that being said, i had better not make this letter any more interesting than it should be.
Last week we hit gold in the area book and we have anew investigator coming to church on sunday. his name is michael, only in russian, and he met with the missionaries in 2007 and now hes back for round two!
we went to his appartment yesterday and helped him do a remont. we stripped his walls of 2 or 3 layers of wallpaper and he told me that i look like a friend of his, so i asked him if that means i look russian, and he sayd i suppose so. so with any luck i will someday become 100 recent russian.
Also we are meeting with a guy named vladimir and he has a wife and little daughter and he too met with the missionaries a bout a year ago, and he is awesome, he loves guns and hes kinda interested in english, but hes not opposed to the church. we also went to his house, so that was awesome.
Lots of good things are happening here. I am excided and working as hard as i can.
Dang i love this work and I love the Lord. If ever you are hungry, think of your local missionaries and feed them. how nice it would be to have a member call us and have us for dinner and a meeting...but that really doesnt happen here. Womens day was yesterday, so by spaznikom vas ladies and buy yourself something nice.
the days are getting longer and its actually light now around 7 and doesnt get dark til 19:00. good stuff.

love from above,
Elder Paul

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pictures 3-2-11

News on the New Place

In answer to your questions. I called it a smoke house because the owners smoked and theres an ashtray on the window, but its fine now. except for the fact that we had a leaky faucet that we had toget fixed and then the other morning the downstairs neighbor came up complaining that water was leaking down into her apartment and destroying here delephone and the next fay the same thing happend. there were cracks in the walls of our shower and everytime the shower was used by us it leaked to her we havent showered in days. but tomorrow we might be able to shower, so all is well. also the birthday was excellent except for the fact that Vitaly pretty much dropped us. so now we pretty much are at a shortage of progressing investigators. We have beenm calling people and trying to meet with them, but for some reason people do not want to meet. We are still working hard!

Any passion pit cd is good, i recommend the newest one, but word on the street is theres some new good music out that is heaped with sick beats. let me know how the band Geographer is. ALso I got an andrea boccelli cd and he is incredible.

Heres my letter to the buds:

Dear fellow missionary bros, I miss you all. Russia is a nut and a half. This guy in the post office right now is just yelling FAX! cuz he wants to make a fax, and its the same but with an accent. Im checking this guy out and hes legit russian with his thick rimmed glasses and big fur hat. Lovely lovely man, i guess everything worked out and he got his fax sent to armenia or something...well thats a little taste of heaven for you.
Stay righteous, i love you all!
Elder Paul

so anyways, thats that i have to still mail president, but heres some pics to enjoy!

Love Elder Paul