Wednesday, March 2, 2011

News on the New Place

In answer to your questions. I called it a smoke house because the owners smoked and theres an ashtray on the window, but its fine now. except for the fact that we had a leaky faucet that we had toget fixed and then the other morning the downstairs neighbor came up complaining that water was leaking down into her apartment and destroying here delephone and the next fay the same thing happend. there were cracks in the walls of our shower and everytime the shower was used by us it leaked to her we havent showered in days. but tomorrow we might be able to shower, so all is well. also the birthday was excellent except for the fact that Vitaly pretty much dropped us. so now we pretty much are at a shortage of progressing investigators. We have beenm calling people and trying to meet with them, but for some reason people do not want to meet. We are still working hard!

Any passion pit cd is good, i recommend the newest one, but word on the street is theres some new good music out that is heaped with sick beats. let me know how the band Geographer is. ALso I got an andrea boccelli cd and he is incredible.

Heres my letter to the buds:

Dear fellow missionary bros, I miss you all. Russia is a nut and a half. This guy in the post office right now is just yelling FAX! cuz he wants to make a fax, and its the same but with an accent. Im checking this guy out and hes legit russian with his thick rimmed glasses and big fur hat. Lovely lovely man, i guess everything worked out and he got his fax sent to armenia or something...well thats a little taste of heaven for you.
Stay righteous, i love you all!
Elder Paul

so anyways, thats that i have to still mail president, but heres some pics to enjoy!

Love Elder Paul

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