Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good thing he's not a girl!

As far as i can remember this week has been awesome! we had an investigator at church and hes great, also we dropped by a couples appartment from 7 years ago, she was inactive and he is not a member. nobody was home so we left a little note in the box. Crazily enough, she called us back the next day. this is crazy because people never call back. never. So that was a miracle in itself. turns out in the past 7 years her husband died and she remarried. she doesnt go to church, she is not even on the branch list! I think we might have found a lost one, but yet i can not say. The weather has been uphilling but today the snow goes, so who knows when it will end.
Yesterday we had Specialized Training which is zone conference and it was way gnarly awesome. My gramps is leaving after this transfer and he bore his testimony (elder Morgan) and it was awesome. We are losing 8 missionaries at the end of this transfer and tgaining 7 3 elders and 4 sisters...this transfer ends the last day of the month, and im probably getting transfered, as i have served in my first area for 5 transfers, which is a long time in one area! also today marks exactly 9 months that i have been on my mission! if i were a girl that would be my half way mark! Good thing im not a girl huh? yeah....
Last night we were walking home through the metro and i see the same old lady that stands there every night and i had to buy something from her. she had a picachu little stuffed animal, which is crazy cuz they dont have pokemon anything in russia. so i bought it for 5 rubies. I love her so much, next time ill ask her if she has any old soviet coins, they take my fancy.
Sounds like therre are earthquake at Japan and watter is rampid. Hows that goin/. i dont hear much news here. Also tring to figure out the definition for the word incipid. I really need an english to english dictionary, because as it turns out i dont even know the english tounge. so yeah I need to buy abunch of toiletries today, cuz everything always seems to run out at the exact same time, funny how that works. My know.

Love from Elder Paul

Thank you for all your love and support for Elder Paul! We (his family)truly appreciate it!

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