Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round Two (with two different people)

To whom ity may concern.
Im afraid that my emails are becoming far too bland, and in order to spice it up i would like to make up stories and create rich fantisies that cause you to hold your breath on every word, resulting in you passing out on top of your computer from a lack of oxygen. the computer would then overheat because of your added body head resulting in a freak fire that would burn your eyebrows off resulting in a steep downward spiral of a loss of self confidence and necessary, but strangely unnecessary hair patterns. so that being said, i had better not make this letter any more interesting than it should be.
Last week we hit gold in the area book and we have anew investigator coming to church on sunday. his name is michael, only in russian, and he met with the missionaries in 2007 and now hes back for round two!
we went to his appartment yesterday and helped him do a remont. we stripped his walls of 2 or 3 layers of wallpaper and he told me that i look like a friend of his, so i asked him if that means i look russian, and he sayd i suppose so. so with any luck i will someday become 100 recent russian.
Also we are meeting with a guy named vladimir and he has a wife and little daughter and he too met with the missionaries a bout a year ago, and he is awesome, he loves guns and hes kinda interested in english, but hes not opposed to the church. we also went to his house, so that was awesome.
Lots of good things are happening here. I am excided and working as hard as i can.
Dang i love this work and I love the Lord. If ever you are hungry, think of your local missionaries and feed them. how nice it would be to have a member call us and have us for dinner and a meeting...but that really doesnt happen here. Womens day was yesterday, so by spaznikom vas ladies and buy yourself something nice.
the days are getting longer and its actually light now around 7 and doesnt get dark til 19:00. good stuff.

love from above,
Elder Paul

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