Wednesday, December 29, 2010

P-day is Saturday this Week

P-day is Saturday this week, so check back then. In the mean time Mitchell would like me to post the lyrics to the Passion Pit song "Better Things" for you all to read. Seeing as it was his only request, I will honor it and make the elder happy: )

Better Things
By: Passion Pit

that was our fifth song,
and i hope you enjoyed it,
now this would be our best song you have ever heard,
the dirt bikes going on stage. thank you.

you're gonna drive me crazy
you're gonna drive me mad
you got an angel on your shoulder
makin hairpins outta glass

i believe in believing
the things that we don't see
and the skin violin is where the neighbors wont read meals
and the family heirloom jewelery
with sets and heaps of thieves
will cast down things
that you've never even
seen like the gods
like the glory like the stories
that your fathers set before you
ride the tiger round the kingdom
oh no oh no
oh no there's a meeting in the canyons
oh no this is rising to the clouds

you're gonna drive me crazy
you're gonna drive me mad
you got an angel on your shoulder
makin hairpins outta glass

baby don't be unhappy
baby don't be sad
better things are coming
i swear there's truth in that

i'm shooting off the cannons
of the clouds begin to flow
and the baskets weave ???????? but the ones we'll never keep
just pretend that things are mobile and will never stay put
and the way we were the day we climbed to the top of the
steeple with its people spewing angels out their mouths and letting tables turn to charcoal in the lipstick and the lipstick in the evening(oh no)
oh no we were waving like the trees
oh no then they moved us to the sky

you're gonna drive me crazy
you're gonna drive me mad
you got an angel on your shoulder
makin hairpins outta glass

baby don't be unhappy
baby don't be sad
better things are coming
i swear there's truth in that

two or three times the bell will ring but when when we look for the better things we search for this we have not build i feel it crash upon your skin
i find it hard to believe there more
of these things behind the door
do you miss me like i miss you
do i miss you like you miss me

you're gonna drive me crazy
you're gonna drive me mad
you got an angel on your shoulder
makin hairpins outta glass

baby don't be unhappy
baby don't be sad
better things are coming
i swear there's truth in that

Check back Saturday for his weekly e-mail, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pictures for Chritmas! Enjoy!

Alla's Baptism!

This interpreted says "russian mean sober" Mitch found this ironic : )

Oh Mitchell...

I'm on a mission in Russia and lifes good!

I'm guessing this is them at the Nutcracker which they got to go see as a cultural activity.

The Holidays in Russia

Well, Happy new year everyone, and a happy Christmas to you too. As far as Christmas goes here, well, it doesnt really. Everyone celebrates New year and You see trees decorated outside, but not in houses, and there is santa everywhere, but he is a symbol of the new year for some reason and well, Christmas just isnt Christmas here...but they do kinda maybe celebrate it on the 7th of january as part of their 2 week holiday starting at new years. we cant go outside for most of new years eve cuz its gonna be psycho nuts, but no worries.
So right now all is well. We cant wear our tags cuz theres some war going on between the russians and the stanis, but all i see is an excess of police officers. apparently there have been riots and lots of people have been put in jail, but i havent really seen anything, i dont think its that big of a deal.
The work is going well, there is one Vecheslav alekseyavich who is this awesome old man who we hope to eventually baptise, so thats awesome. Vitaly is going to talk to the branch president about serving a mission on sunday, and the contacting is going great! You smell a lot of alcohol on guys breath, but its awesome to just talk to people and stuff and stuff. That picture with the graffiti on it says "russian means sober" i thought it was funny.
We went to culture night to the Nutcracker Ballet and i fell in love with the ballet. The music more than anything was incredible.
We played love is spoken here in parts on harmonicas yesterday to Bab alla and The donosovie, so all is well. I am out of time and i still have to write peside4nt, so have fun we will talk to you on Christmas morning for you, Christmas night for me.
Merrie Christmas
Elder Pal

Thank-you to all of those who are supporting Mitchell on his mission! We can't wait to talk to him in just a few days!!!
- The Pauls

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starting the Second Lap!

Dear all,

So glad to here that the world wide postal system is still up and running. as far as the cd player goes It might be better if i just buy one here so no worries then. I got you a little something special and i will try and send it to you today, if not, then next week.
Here's the deal. I just went on a split with Elder Morgan-the elder in one of the pictures i sent you-football player. So he's a total stud and not to mention hes my grandpa on the mission cuz he trained elder nielson. Anyways he is pretty much one of the guys that got this mission going again and he got me stoked beyond words about doing the work. I realized that i can be such a better missionary. I can work so much harder than i am working. Its like whenever i ran a race in high school, although i ran a great race and maybe i got first place, i wasnt tired afterwards. I wasnt completely dead from exhaustion. I ran very few races that I was 100 percent satisfied with. Right now I am starting the second lap of my mission. I have to run even faster and even better this lap. And from what i see in other missionaries, the third lap is the hardest. My mindset has changed a lot already on my mission and I know that my mission should be so much harder and so much more rewarding.
Anyways. As far as new investigators go, we have very few. That is one thing that I am determined to fix about my mission right now. I will contact no matter where I am. Every single missionary sets up barriers in their head that prevent him/her from doing the work. Little things that stop us from talking to people, like the thought that they might get off at the next metro stop or that they are probably not interested, or that they have headphones in or whatever it may be, satan is building up barriers in missionaries, and really everyones heads that prevent them from proclaiming the Gospel to others. Oh how cunning the plan of the Devil. So pretty much im stoked about being a better missionary and proclaiming this great message to the people of Russia.
So thats my thought for the week. get out of your confort zone and do what you know you need to.

Love always,
Elder Paul.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'd say it's officially winter!!!

Well here's the deal. I dont need boots in moscow because people are paid to sweep the sidewalks, so my shoes will do just fine. and also i do not have my camera cord with me right now, so i am afraid i can not send home any pictures, but to tell you the truth i havent been taking many pictures, but i will take more.
As far as the Baptism goes, it went great and everything was swell. (He is refering to a lady and her son who were baptized on Saurday. She had been attnding chuch for 4-5 months, but was cautious about taking that next step because of persecution from her mother who she lives with) Elder Rudd baptised her and then confirmed her in the Universitet Branch on sunday. She will be a strong member, and she is very receptive to the Spirit. It is very exciting to see people being baptised and taking that first step towards eternal life. It is still hard for me to comprehend how important that simple act is in the whole scheme of things.
Also we met with Vitaly Donosov who is 23 years old, and he went from being inactive for 2 years to being completely active and wanting to serve a mission after just one meeting that we had with him and his Mom. We will be meeting with him twice a week to help him get ready for the mission. Im stoked for him...he is what we need more of in Russia. He is a young good looking stud of a kid who is stoked about serving a mission and growing his testimony.
Well I'd say its officially winter cant leave the house without a scarf, gloves, jacket hat, and most importantly, long johns. It has really been 6 months now since i left...thats just about half a year. a quarter of my mission. Bust i feel like i havent accomplished anything! this language is still pretty much wailing on me, but im sure its getting significantly better, at least i dont sound like a total american when i speak, thats really important.
Yesterday we went to a russian hospital to give a member a blessing. There was no place to give the blessing so we just gave it in the hall with a bunch of sick people watching. She had a continuos bloody nose and a thing strapped around her head to keep the blood in...I felt really bad for her. but at least we did what we could.
Well it sounds like all is well and fine. Keep doing what your doing!
I Love you all, And i love the work!
Love Elder Paul

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Dear Family and others,

First things first. I have never experienced having to live in such cold weather. today is negative 20 celcius! (that is -4 Fahrenheit) luckily I have good clothing to keep me warm, but some nice thick winter socks would be good idea to get ahold of...if you want to send me some, I can probably hold off or buy a pair I dont really know.

But yeah so I'm super excited because we have been visiting a family in our branch and the son is way inactive, but just yesterday he said that he wants to serve a mission!!!! such cool stuff happens here every day and I wish i could tell you about everything, but its just too much to write.

Armand came back from Benine, he was visiting his family and now hes back and he is an awesome member, doing home teaching. By the way, Home teaching here pretty much doesnt exist...another thing we need to work on in the church here.

about the letters I may have sent...they sometimes take 3 months, and thats actually normal, so no worries, maybe it will get there for Christmas.

I will try and send some pictures next week. Oh, ummm

I am doing well still havent gotten sick for a half a year now, I suppose thats a miracle in and of itself.

I'm loving the language its hard.

I went on my visa trip with an elder from the west mission and I was a tad bit bummed cuz we didn’t get to go to the temple because Moscow west mission just go to kiev and turn right around, it took like a day. But next time I will be with elder Ablett and we will get to go to the will just make when i do go even better, the fact that I didn’t go this time. structure of my sentences is terrible.

Some guy is sitting next to me playing world of warcraft or something foney like goofball him and his friends are so stoked...

Anyways I have to go. Thank you for your support, your fasting, your prayers. I will keep you updated. This is the greatest work I can be doing rightnow and I hope that others do not miss this experience. I wouldnt change it for the world, because serving the Lord is the most important thing that any of us can be doing. ever.

Love Elder Popsicle