Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Apartment Work and Meeting the Suttons

Well, Im in the office right now cuz we had to get some papers to close on another apartment that we just found this week. There will be a new area next transfer in Mitishi. not that that means anything to you, but this apartment has been a lot easier than the last one. we are old pros at apartment hunting in Russia now. Anyway, I met the Suttons here and they are doing fantastic, they are great people and Sister Sutton delivered a hug from Nana, so that was nice. I sent the picture of us to Nana and Papa. This week we had a couple new investigators, but really the prooblem right now is getting people to come to church. i have never really had a huge problem with that before on my mission. Next week we'll get em for sure though! I would go into detail on our new investos, but time is constricting me with his vicious vice. As for the buddies on the Mishies, this is for them. BROSKIS!!! The mission is PSYCHO! and so are you guys!! Heres the deal Boyos, im roundin the old hump and ill be back home by july 20th so whoever is home at that time qualifies for a lunch date with yours truly at IN-N-OUT!!! YEAH! live it up while you still got the chance boys, the mission is for me very very incredible and the blessings be a flowin'! Crack down and keep on crackin' up! Love Elder Mitchell Paul!!!So thats for the boys around the old world.Also i forgot to inform you last week that i got all your packages and they were fantastic and i actually think im gainin the old weight! holy smokes i might even be fat!! so no worries, my metabolism aint what it used to be i guess.I love you guys but i love the Lord more, so dont go gettin a big head, especially you Papa.

LOve Elder Paul