Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starting the Second Lap!

Dear all,

So glad to here that the world wide postal system is still up and running. as far as the cd player goes It might be better if i just buy one here so no worries then. I got you a little something special and i will try and send it to you today, if not, then next week.
Here's the deal. I just went on a split with Elder Morgan-the elder in one of the pictures i sent you-football player. So he's a total stud and not to mention hes my grandpa on the mission cuz he trained elder nielson. Anyways he is pretty much one of the guys that got this mission going again and he got me stoked beyond words about doing the work. I realized that i can be such a better missionary. I can work so much harder than i am working. Its like whenever i ran a race in high school, although i ran a great race and maybe i got first place, i wasnt tired afterwards. I wasnt completely dead from exhaustion. I ran very few races that I was 100 percent satisfied with. Right now I am starting the second lap of my mission. I have to run even faster and even better this lap. And from what i see in other missionaries, the third lap is the hardest. My mindset has changed a lot already on my mission and I know that my mission should be so much harder and so much more rewarding.
Anyways. As far as new investigators go, we have very few. That is one thing that I am determined to fix about my mission right now. I will contact no matter where I am. Every single missionary sets up barriers in their head that prevent him/her from doing the work. Little things that stop us from talking to people, like the thought that they might get off at the next metro stop or that they are probably not interested, or that they have headphones in or whatever it may be, satan is building up barriers in missionaries, and really everyones heads that prevent them from proclaiming the Gospel to others. Oh how cunning the plan of the Devil. So pretty much im stoked about being a better missionary and proclaiming this great message to the people of Russia.
So thats my thought for the week. get out of your confort zone and do what you know you need to.

Love always,
Elder Paul.

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  1. Great thought for the week Elder Paul! One of our favorite family sayings is that "There's no growth in the comfort zone, and there's no comfort in the growth zone."