Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Holidays in Russia

Well, Happy new year everyone, and a happy Christmas to you too. As far as Christmas goes here, well, it doesnt really. Everyone celebrates New year and You see trees decorated outside, but not in houses, and there is santa everywhere, but he is a symbol of the new year for some reason and well, Christmas just isnt Christmas here...but they do kinda maybe celebrate it on the 7th of january as part of their 2 week holiday starting at new years. we cant go outside for most of new years eve cuz its gonna be psycho nuts, but no worries.
So right now all is well. We cant wear our tags cuz theres some war going on between the russians and the stanis, but all i see is an excess of police officers. apparently there have been riots and lots of people have been put in jail, but i havent really seen anything, i dont think its that big of a deal.
The work is going well, there is one Vecheslav alekseyavich who is this awesome old man who we hope to eventually baptise, so thats awesome. Vitaly is going to talk to the branch president about serving a mission on sunday, and the contacting is going great! You smell a lot of alcohol on guys breath, but its awesome to just talk to people and stuff and stuff. That picture with the graffiti on it says "russian means sober" i thought it was funny.
We went to culture night to the Nutcracker Ballet and i fell in love with the ballet. The music more than anything was incredible.
We played love is spoken here in parts on harmonicas yesterday to Bab alla and The donosovie, so all is well. I am out of time and i still have to write peside4nt, so have fun we will talk to you on Christmas morning for you, Christmas night for me.
Merrie Christmas
Elder Pal

Thank-you to all of those who are supporting Mitchell on his mission! We can't wait to talk to him in just a few days!!!
- The Pauls

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