Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'd say it's officially winter!!!

Well here's the deal. I dont need boots in moscow because people are paid to sweep the sidewalks, so my shoes will do just fine. and also i do not have my camera cord with me right now, so i am afraid i can not send home any pictures, but to tell you the truth i havent been taking many pictures, but i will take more.
As far as the Baptism goes, it went great and everything was swell. (He is refering to a lady and her son who were baptized on Saurday. She had been attnding chuch for 4-5 months, but was cautious about taking that next step because of persecution from her mother who she lives with) Elder Rudd baptised her and then confirmed her in the Universitet Branch on sunday. She will be a strong member, and she is very receptive to the Spirit. It is very exciting to see people being baptised and taking that first step towards eternal life. It is still hard for me to comprehend how important that simple act is in the whole scheme of things.
Also we met with Vitaly Donosov who is 23 years old, and he went from being inactive for 2 years to being completely active and wanting to serve a mission after just one meeting that we had with him and his Mom. We will be meeting with him twice a week to help him get ready for the mission. Im stoked for him...he is what we need more of in Russia. He is a young good looking stud of a kid who is stoked about serving a mission and growing his testimony.
Well I'd say its officially winter cant leave the house without a scarf, gloves, jacket hat, and most importantly, long johns. It has really been 6 months now since i left...thats just about half a year. a quarter of my mission. Bust i feel like i havent accomplished anything! this language is still pretty much wailing on me, but im sure its getting significantly better, at least i dont sound like a total american when i speak, thats really important.
Yesterday we went to a russian hospital to give a member a blessing. There was no place to give the blessing so we just gave it in the hall with a bunch of sick people watching. She had a continuos bloody nose and a thing strapped around her head to keep the blood in...I felt really bad for her. but at least we did what we could.
Well it sounds like all is well and fine. Keep doing what your doing!
I Love you all, And i love the work!
Love Elder Paul

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