Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Transfers are Approaching!

Well, This next week is probably my last in the Rechnoy branch and The work here is finally going crazy! we have several investigators to work with and a whole branch as well-lots of inactives whose home teachers are inactive...hmmm.
so yeah theres a whole lot of stuff to be doing. This past sunday elder ablett and i gave the lessson in gospel principles. we had one investigator there, Muxaul who we helped with the remont. we also finally got an inactive melchezedech priesthood holder to church-we has been working with him for a while now and it was way great to get him back, hopefully he will next week too.
We had culture night and we went to swan lake at the Kreml. It was wonderfull, turns out the other district went the same night so thats why elder nielsons in the picture. it was incredible. the best part to me was the orchestra-way good stuff, and we got 7th row seats for the first half, cuz nobody claimed them, so good stuff, thats just how its done here.
I still dont know what will be happening at transfers, but Im almost 100percent not staying in the beloved rechnoy district. Im going to miss it a whole lote!
We met with a small family who we met when we were helping michael with his remont and they are actiually the landlords of the place where mehaeel is living and they invited us to dinner. they are gret and the babushgka speaks english very well.
I will send you some pictures cuz im short on time.
I love you all, Now is the time to prepare to meet God. Each day, each second is of great value. Learn to master your minds.
Elder Paul

Here are the pictures:

Try and find all the Mitchells : )

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