Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear all: on account of me being very short on time this day i would like to inform you of the news here in order of importance:
first-the faucet in our kitchen is leaking again.
second: the amount of pasta intake that my body has somehow controlled is incredible.
third: I will, on tomorrows day be serving in the arbatski branch.
area specifications: unknown. Companion: Elder Page. Origin of
Companion: Unknown. Duration of Stay: Unknown. Location of Area:
somewhere in the heart of moscow. Reason: to serve the whole Lord and nothing but the Lord. Target: to baptize. Target Specifics: UNKNOWN.

I am excited to be serving in a new area. Leaving friends here will be difficult, but doable. I was going to say something else of worth but i just forgot...
...yeah oh yeah elder Page will be district leader, and i will be in the same district as the well known Elder Nielson, known as my father.

Also, this are that i am leaving, rechnoy that is is way stoked right now, its too bad to leave right when we have so much potential. i am afraid my time is short and i must still write president. perhaps i will learn how to type sometime, but probably not because i have gotten pretty good with two fingers.

I love you all very much and i realize that for whatever reason some of you might follow my emails. please take whatever i say...hmmm something to do with a grain of salt.
We are the salt of the earth, so its about time we start acting like it. If you seek for happiness, ask yourselves if you are keepin His commandments. so many people have such problems and the only way to solve them is be keeping the comandments. oh how weak is man, and how quick to forget. be the quick.

Love Almighty,
Elder Paul

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