Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little bit about the new area!

In answer to your questions: I knew elder page before now, but not very well. Elder Ablett is still in Rechnoy. The apartment I am in now is, in my opinion nicer than the other ones ive been in, but its a good ways from the metro bout 13 minute walk. The sokolniki branch meets in the central building at 2 oclock. I will still be in the same english club group. And I enjoyed some sloppy joes the other day.
Please inform Kyle Barnett that i am severely in need of his words.
So, the new area i am in is the left side of the metro light blue and dark blue lines and the metro i live on now is kuntsevskaya, it is one of the few outdoor metro stations. also, this area has a lot of great potential and the members that i have met so far have been fantastic! we are working with a 23 year old kid named aleksey and he is pretty much all set for baptism already, so thats great!
The weaqther here is sudddenly of change and melt has come now and dirt mud filth with cigarette all over the grounds. The sun has been shining and i no longer need head protection.
Good things are about to happen here in the mission and i am in need to work harder than ever before. You have my word that i am working my hardest, but then when has my word ever been worth anything?
met some kid named ikon on the street he will be at english club today. probly gonna baptize him in a week or two. no big deal. just kidding, way cool kid though.
Thanks for all you do I will hope to send some pictures next week, my phones been dead...hmmm camera that is.

Love you all sincerely.
Elder pAUL

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