Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better late than never : )

We got an e-mail from Mith this morning (thurdsay). Better late than never. Enjoy!

The work here is going well. we couldnt write home yasterday as you know because of a glitch in the system. las weeek went well and we just today only just had specialized training. A lot of good stuff going on. Right now a difficulty is our investigator pool that just boils down to raw contacting and just talking to people. People really fascinate me, they all have brains worth picking. the other day i sat down on the metro and the lady accross from me just started smiling at me so i went over and asked her if i knew her. she thought i was sasha from the polyclinic years ago, but i informed her that she was mistaken, and before i could say anything else she got off on the next stop.
big news, elder page and i will be working a lot with family history. we are going to start contacting with family history as the contact ed topic. way cool im excited to see its success. Also thais guy looks like jack black and he said i have scandinavian eyes and that i look russian, but i think its just the russian haircut that i got yesterday. this week is cruising right along, this area is full of potential and im stoked. Aleksey didnt get interviewed yet so we will have to move his baptisimal date back, darn! thats the worst, hes so close!
i went on a split this week because elder page had a visa trip. we had a meeting with a guy from kyrgistan, turns out he wasnt too interested in the church, but nice guy. i learned a lot about the muslim religion and that was awesome!
We got to see general conference last sunday and it was solid stuff! I forget what it was about right now, but i liked paul v johnson's talk, and loved elder Uchdorf's and all of them of course.
Upcoming events are scarce right now, just hardcore missionary work. your letters and communication from the outside world inspire and motivate me to work harder and accomplish more. I love you guys and i love the Gospel and that it means we need to act and do. I used to be a lazy person, but now i look upon laziness with the least degreee of allowance. May you all succeed in your endeavors as you lean on the arm of Christ.

you know
Elder Paul

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