Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Continuing with Patience and Diligence

Holy cow! bryan that lucky DAWG!! Noth Carolina is the most beautiful state in the whole of the US of A! daggum it! time goes by way too fast! i still cant even speak russian and im more than have way done with my mission! whats goin on here?! Im working hard, the key is just diligence and patience with the blessings, they will come, even if its after my mission or in the world to come. SWo heres the deal. Our main investo aleksey decided to go on a commanderovka out of town for a month, so thats his deal. we met with dima the circus clown, but he bailed on us the other day and i was way bummed, still havent gotten a hold of him. It seems to me that simply scheduleing meetings and actually meeting with people for the first time is WAY hard and then it gets hader from then on out. the church here is still small, so its understandable that the amount of baptisms is not higher...its the whole in the Lords time deal.
Yesterday i was on a split with Elder Lex. He is the elder from austria who was also trained by elde Nielson. hes my brother and he is the greatest guy in the world. crazy split. Dima bailed on us. we scared the beans out of this family that we went ti drop by, they were investos years ago and they didnt know who we were and they started freaking out so we leaft as quick as possible. and i talked to this old war general on the metro and hes a millionair now and I says I like your tie, its soviet? yep. Its beatiful. so he just takes it off and puts it over my head and i walked out of the metro with two ties, but not without giving him some american candy. got his number and we might do lunch sometime and hopefully schedule a baptisimal date or something.

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