Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally Walking Around Without Suit Jackets!

last night met with a metro contact and gave him the first lesson pretty much and he told us how he was driving a honda civic 200 km per hour and crashed, rolled 4 times demolished the car, sent a tanker off the road. he wasnt even injured and he said that he thinks god saved him because there is something he has to do in life...little does he know. i suppose thats why we are teaching him though huh. his name is anton and hes 23, sharp guy. last week i went on a split with elder lex on tuesday and elder Nielson on friday/saturday. Saturday we did service cleaning around a lake up in my beloved Lobnia! me and elder Nielson and elder lex got to go out in a little rowboat to reach a bunch of trach, we found an old rusted chair and a few tires! So psycho! i dont know how allowed it is, but we went in a boat. Elder Nielson is the greatest missionary in the mission right now. He just knows how to do missionary work in every instance. he taught me how to make sushi rolls too, so im diggin the sushi! yesterday we went to a huge water fountain to contacted. i contacted this one guy roma who just called 30 min ago and we are going to meet him tonight before english club. way good stuff going on. i will find out tomorrrow what happens with transfers, so i guess i will let you know over the phone!
we are finally walking around without suit jackets and the weather is beautiful! greens are everywhere!

you guys are awesome! thanks for all your letters and encouragement!
Love elder Paul

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