Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Stake in Russia!

So here is the big news!
1. Moscow is going to have a STAKE!!! big news, first stake in russia, thats a huge step for the church here. means the mission is going to change a lot, probably boundary changes. High Priests and bishops and Patriarch will now be as well as stake president. Elder Nelson will be here to do the deed on the 5th and 6th of June. so thats way awesome.

2. I will be Training next transfer!! next transfer is actually tomorrow, so tomorrow. Im gonna be a DAD!! I am so stoked about this! Its probably gonna be a certain Elder Foster who sounds like the goofiest most awesome guy ever! im stoked to meet him, apperently he looks about 35 so thats awesome. Way good stuff is about to happen!

3. Im almost a year out! bust!

well we are, as in preparation for elder nelson we will be focusing our efforts even more on finding people. way stinking hard, but theyve gotta be everywhere!
so this past week we found two new investigators, one of which looks like he will progress. Ikon kid who speaks way good english we met with him and his dad at the carpenters and his dad made plov! so good! and i ate a whole pepper. also i forgot to tell you that the carpenters are our elderly couple in our district and i will be the district leader in this next district. Oh and the carpenters are the ones who know the Arbons. so thats whats goin on.
monday was victory day here in Russia victory over germany. We selebrated by a conference in the central building and then going home the rest of the night. way big party night, proply equivalent of the 4th of july.
here are some pictures that portray the victory russia has enacted
Heres the deal, you guys are awesome and the mission is the bees knees so get with the program and bite into this delicious pear. oh how sweet it is.
I love you all,
Elder Paul

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