Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being a dad is the GREATEST!

All right guys, so heres the deal. Being a dad is the greatest thing in the world! Im so stoked about life and missionary work right now! I know i sound like a total goof ball to all of you, and i probably am, but seriously I havent been this stoked since i was being trained! Training puts a different perspective on everything. Every night we come home and we recognize the miracles that we have seen throughout the day. An so many miracles happen if you just look for them.
Elder Foster is the man! He is the most sincere and kind human being. He has a great sense of humer and best of all, he is stoked about the work! by the time we get done here, this area is gonna be on fire! Today we went to the Renik-Market and here is a picture of us in wigs. Elder Nielson and elder Breedlove are our APs in our district right now.
This week has been crazy-I cant even remember las week, but monday we went to a burnt down house and helped clean up, way sad story, but great service opportunity. that night we didnt have a meeting set up so we went contacting at park pobedy victory park that is and we met this guy who is a stellar man plays trombone and studies english and he reads the bible before bed every night. we will meet with him sometime this week. Zone conference was tuesday and it was phenomenal as always. after that we dropped by and had a meeting with an inactive melk. Priesthood holder. Great guy we invited him to district confrence where the stake will be formed.
Today we got some shopping done and went to the market and then to a museum. the biggest art museum in moscow i believe, tretykovskaya gallery. beautiful stuff and it was all FREE! yep today is free museum day here in Russia.
Oh i almost forgot, las week we dropped by some inactives and we saw the most beautiful baby in the world. this baby was literally an angel! sorry, no picture.
We have a meeting right before inglish in a couple hours with Ikon and we will hopefully share with him the first lesson. The kid is awesome. Friendships are super important in missionary work , especially here in moscow, because people trust their friends. I sure hope it works out with him and the others that we meet here very soon.
We have a lot of work to do as always- right now the mission is really focusing on new investigators. With faith all things are possible.
I love you guys a whole lot and boy is this work true. I see it every day how real the gospel is and how truly flawless it is. People can argue about it all day, but in the end of the day they arent going anywhere, and those who accept it are. Embrace the Gospel and embrace your families because those are what is most important and they all lie on Christ our Savior.
Love, Elder Paul

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