Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dang Good Stuff is Goin On Over Here

So heres the deal, dang good stuff is goin on over here. we just met with this guy yesterday and gave him the first lesson and he was stoked!! his names dima and he is an assistant clown in a big circus here in town. young guy, he was actually a referral from a member, which is pretty rare. he is an answer to our prayres and im way stoked about him. the people give me the most joy here.

We are starting a new progrem here, specifically elder page and i are now working with family history in contacting and re activation, as well as with part member families. Family history is totally gnarly, and i was completely blinded before, because it is a HUGE part of our purpose on the earth, obviously seeing the 3/4 fold mission of the church...didnt they add one that being administering to the sick and afflicted or something like that?
So yeah, way good potential with that, it makes intoducing the church a whole different story, and i have heard in other missions that it is extremely effective, especially for preparing moscow for a temple!

Today for P-day we went to a park with a bunch of missionaries and played frisbee. i havent played in forever and it felt stankin good! except now my entire lower body is sore to the bone.

It is still kinda cold here, but there is no snow anymore, so thats prime stuff. the days are getting longer and the work just gets better and better. man i love missionary work. there is nothing better than talking to complete strangers and just loving their guts. I talked to a bab named nina the other day, i will probably never see her again, but she was incredible. completely sane and she had a beautiful smile. people are so fragile and precious.

My study of the book of mormon in russian is progressing, i am past second nephi and movin on. I hope to finish it in a couple months, at which point i hope to speak understandable russian, enough to please the masses with my assuaging words.
So thats whats up over here in the big town. if there is anything that i learned this week and am working on right now is patience. i have found myself to be a rather impatient person. perhaps when we recognize our weaknesses we are humbled and more apt to improve upon them. recognize your weaknesses, cuz you probably have a lot more than you think.

I love you all and the support to me which you give. I'd best be going now.

yours truly.
Elder Paul

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