Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B-ok-n K-yboa-d

Dear Mother and Others,

This keyboad is lousy so good luck trying to deciohr it. ell we have a new apartmeny and its on the gey line still. the r's and the wwwwws and the es ae sticking. um the adess is yablochkova apt. 36 kv. 69. its a smoke house and its okay but a long walk to the meto. also we ae moving all ou stuff tomorrow. The visa trip was incedible! e ent to the temple whick is all the way acoss the city fom the airport. thee was not a session at the time so did baptisms fo the dead, and it was exceptional. Also my bank account isnt woking, bu i already told dad that.
In other nes, the todays day weas a holidy- namely fo men ho serve in the aRMY or just fo men, so to celebate, m and eld ablett ent to the honey fair. i bought some honey soap and a honey stick, ill send pictures next wk. but e must have tasted evey kind of honey knon to man.
As fa as the weathe goes, 0 degees faenheight is nothing, try -20 celcius!
ell then, OH! big news up in hee, Vitaliy and his wife nadyejjda came to Sacament meeting! e ee so soked and they loved the heck out of it! i bought him som good old chocolate in ukaine and e ae hopin to met ith him at a membes house eal soon.

eell im afaid this keyboad has done nothing but destoy this lett and make mee sound like a complete fool.
my appolpogies and im sure due to all of you kind spiits this will be avey excellent bithday.
This is where its at, on the mission, hands down the gnaliest spitual and knowlgeble path.

Love elde paul

ps. the guy at the honey dalio almost convinced me into trying this alcholholic honey drink, but i withheld, you shold be vry proud of me!

Thanks for all your support of Mitchell! Friday is his birthday, he will be 20!

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