Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still looking for a place to live, and a new career path!

Dear home,

WE meet with the razanavie (rya-za-na-vwoui) every week and those are the pictures that i sent. they are awesome and great members, and they love to feed the missionaries great things. I told her that my favorite meal is the shepherds pie.

Also we had an awesome meeting with our investigator vitaly and we went to a senior couples house, had dinner and watched the restoration video. he loved it and brought it home to his family, ill keep you updated with him, hes awesome!

in other news, i have been studing the teachings of the presidents of the church and they are so awesome! i reccommend reading some of those with the family for fhe or something.

also, im getting a hair cut today.

Im sure a million eventful events happened this week, but i cant quite remember all of them. I got yelled at over the phone, and im pretty sure russian swear words were inclusive, because i have no idea what the heck they were saying.

In other news, we still dont have an appartment to move into and we only have about 4days left, i guess you will find out next week what happens to us...

the old ladies who work at the pochta are the greatest thing in the world.

oh yesterday we met with sister galina, one of the first few members in moscow! she is excellent, and after the meeting we helped her to figure out how to work her email, shes not really old though i dont think.

If i have any advise, well, i learned personally this week how much value is involved in knowledge. and controlling the mind and the spirit. If we can contol our soul, that is our body and our spirit, then knowledge will flow onto us like the fountain from heaven and after studying the words of president brigham young, i have decided to be a heart surgeon.

Love from Moscow by the means of Elder Paul

Thank you for all the support that you give to our son and brother! We truly appreciate it!
- The Pauls

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