Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Everything Will be Fine"

Dear family and friends,

So yeah me and elder Ablett are pluggin along over here. Last week was kind of a bust as far as meetings and stats go. but this week, only two days in and we are already better as far as stats go than last week. We have a lot to do and little time to do it. we are currently working with an inactive melchezedek priesthood holder and he we hope will be back to church this Sunday. and we might have a new investigator. this 21 year old kid from siberia. totally gnarly guy named sash. He has the belief that nothing exists after this life. And I pretty much thought about it and that’s perhaps the saddest thought in the world. Thank goodness we have a clear view of the plan of Salvation!

More than anything this transfer i am really learning how important the atonement is. The atonement is the very root of Christian Doctrine, and it is so vital that we try to understand it better each day. When we have a clear perspective of Christ and the Atonement..."everything will be fine" (*quote from Back to the Future Part 1) All trials and difficult burdens in our lives will be raised and our joy will be full. There is no reason for us, if we understand the atonement, to ever have a bad day. Perspective is wack to think about.

We have the excellent opportunity to help a lady get groceries today, so I’m pretty darn excited about that. solid service is incomparable. Yesterday we took bab alla out of her newspaper cluttered apartment, all bundled up- it took her a half out to get her coat on with our help. and then we made our way over to the bank, holding her arm to support her on the ice and slush. At the bank they made her go into a glass room and they sat her down for some reason. Later she told us that the reason she had to go in there was for them to question her about us. Two guys wearing suits and badges escorting her around. I guess they didn’t read the badge.

Well i need to write president, but i love you all and pray for the behalf of yours.
Love Elder Paul

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