Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beady Eyes from the Crack of the Cupboard

Dear all,
This week we met with a slightly older couple. She is a member and he is not, so we were thinking maybe a new investigator...not quite. We had an excellent meeting with here and we sang an all was great, but he did not want to join in. As we were at the door saying goodbye, he was standing in the cupboard with the door open a crack, watching us. I waved and said goodbye to him. the air settled. No reply. In the background the din of the television- "if i were a rich man" from fiddler on the roof- growing steadily louder and louder. My stone cold smile never faded that day. As we left all i could remember was the old mans wrinkled brow and beady eyes glaring me down from the crack of the cupboard door.
So the work is going great! its harder than ever, but great things are happening. We have met with many members with the purpose to gain their trust and eventually meet with an investigator in their house. all who we have asked have thus far agreed! this is truly a miracle in Russia-many people are uncomfortable with having people in their home, so we are grateful...all we need now are some investigators. Vitaly is getting stoked about serving a mission, and the other vitaly (investigator) has been under the weather, but we hope to meet with him soon. I had a contact on the metro who we will be meeting with on saturday-total stud guy, so we will see what happens.
We have been stoked about contacting, and the landlady loved our banana bread to death, so im going to have to translate the recipe for her.

The weather has been nice, i can see the sun today, so thats pretty special. the days are gradually getting longer.

Tea is the best thing in the world.

Stay warm, i hear its pretty cold over there...

Oh yeah, i gave my training on Love and Members...It was well, everyone was stoked about working with the members and meeting in members houses with investigators (thanks to papas email awhile back)

Thanks for your love and support.

Love and Support, Elder Paul

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