Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A shared passion for Back to the Future!

Well, Thanks for the letter. Lets just say this week has probably been one of the most tiring brain-busting weeks of my mission@!and probably life
The first or second day that me and Elder Ablett were together i contacted a man on the metro. We met with him a couple days or even a day later and pretty much gave him the first and second lesson combined and he is so awesome. he is probably 47 years old. he is happily married and has a nineteen year old daughter. He believes that the russian orthodox chuch is incorrect because in ways they support smoking and drinking, and they dont help to strengthen the family. and best of all, he LOVES back to the Future! he speaks little english, but understands a lot. We taught him all in Russian though cuz thats better. He his coming with his daughter to english club tonight and we are going to meet an hour early and get to know him better. Pretty much im stoked for this guy-names Vitaly. Keep him in your prayers.
So that was probably the highlight of the week. Aside from that, we had district meeting and that went well, i gave the training on obedience, and Elder Ablett and I taught the gospel principles class on sunday.
I sat next to crazy sash in priesthood and after asking me to help him publish his book or something he started clipping his nails with scissors!
We made banana bread and gave it to some members and investigators. The ladies at the flower stand by the metro love us and they gave us a free rose. A man walked up to us and after looking at our badges for a second, he called us a cult and walked away. We met with a man and his business partner who tried to get us to join his business, after we specifically told him we did not want to talk about business, but we invited them to english club and church and they should be there tonight.
Today i got some Armenian music that should be allowed-we will see.
Well so thats my first week with elder ablett, we are stoked out of our minds!
Enjoy the picturs and enjoy a week
Also Vitaly is awesome and im sure hes gonna get baptized as well as his daughter and wife, so keep him in your prayers!
I love you all and I Love my calling and am doing the hardest work that i can.
Love Elder Paul

Mitch and companion Elder Ablett on the Metro

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