Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Holidays are over, and it's about to get crazy!


Well last day of the transfer and we finally have our tags back on as of yesterday, it makes it a lot easier to contact because people pretty much start the conversation by staring at your tag.
This past few days has been way warm, like 1 degree cels (33.8 degrees F), and the ice on the top of the buildings yesterday was all melting and falling off in huge chunks. Im sure some cars got smashed. and it woke me up in the morning cuz it fell on our balcony roof thing. but yeah, nice weather.

The district is going to be 50 percent different. every companionship is changing. Elder Nielson is leaving Lobnia and going out to Z-grad out in the middle of nowhere. But I know all the missionaries coming in because pretty much everyone knows each other in the mission. A new elder and two new sisters come in today. So that’s kinda cool, I will no longer be the youngest Elder in the mission-already more than a quarter of the way through my mission.

The other morning after my shower, we heard banging on our door. A drunk girl was out in our padezd kicking on doors and sitting down talking, screaming and then just crying. It was kinda nuts, but no big deal I guess.

Lots of big stuff coming up cuz the holidays are over, so we are finally going to get to meet with and baptize people, it’s about time!

Oh so I bought something from a Babushka the other day, and she gave me a free pair of ski shoes that are ancient, probably used in soviet times. they aren’t ski boots but ski shoes.

We have during the holidays met with a lot of Inactives and that will be nice to activate some of these people.

Other than that, it’s been kinda slow over the holidays as far as investigators go, but it’s about to get crazy with me and Elder Ablett goin crazy.

Thanks for everything. Reading and studying has brought me to a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is key, is our testimony of the Savior, in particular his atonement.

Elder Paul

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