Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He's been kissed twice on the mission, and evicted once

This week has been thrilling, lots of new stuff to inform you on.
First of all, It is pretty much sealed in stone that i will be staying in this area next transfer as DL with Elder Ablett. Transfers are on the 17th and we are getting 3 new elders. tomorrow is zone conference and i need a haircut...
Because of a new Law that requires our landlord/lady to register us in our apartments, meaning they now have to pay taxes, we have been evicted. We need to clean out our entire apartment and move elsewere on the grey line within two weeks. Surpreeze! So that means that we will be leaving ourt apartment...dont know where to yet...around the 22nd. Also on the 22nd Elder Ablett and i have a visa trip, where we will have the whole day in kiev to go to the temple and buy real chocolate.
As far as new investigators go, we have a couple, which is awesome! and we are planning to meet with Vitaly and his family (investigator vitaly) at a senior couples house for a family night thing! way cool.
Also the flower lady is originally from georgia. I bought three rozes from her (only odd numbers of flowers can you buy) and then she offered to get me a visa to go to georgia, so i will have to take her up on that probably after my mission, if not earlier. just kidding.
We then brought these flowers to our relief society president who we were doing service for, and when we gave them to her she started to cry. She then said "i know it isnt allowed, but.." and she kissed me and elder ablett on our cheeks. dang shes awesome.
So thats the second time i have been kissed on my mission, and they still havent sent me home.
The cell phone has become my best friend...but i just realized that i left him in the yeah.
Its way easy to talk on the phone now, and just conversing with people in general is way easy. unless im at the post office trying to get 5 envelopes, i swear they are speaking armenian or something!
Yeah so thats whats up over here. still working my hind tail off. budgeting is becoming easier. Elder Ablett has taught me the art of living off only the staple easy to make cheap foods. the man is a wizard when it comes to such things. and its still sustaining me.
Well i found out that the word "kite" in russian is translated into Paper Dragon...i think, i already forget. but yeah. Enjoy yourselves.
Until next time, I love you.
Elder Paul

If you can't sit on the bench, squat next to it : )

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