Friday, May 4, 2012

The Race is on!

Alright so it looks like sister blomquist is probably going into the moscow west mission and then a couple transfers later it will morph into the new and improved Moscow Mission. cuz i didnt see her on our list of incomers. sounds like Delaney is doing pretty darn good, i would die to go to some of her meets. Holy cow phoebe is getting married!(Phoebe is Mitchell's cousin) thats nuts, but i suppose i still have a chance to beat her to it. or at least i can be the first to give Grandma and Grandpa a great grandchild. SO! this friday is transfers and everything will change for the last time. Also, i was thinking about Kyle Barnett the other day, hows that guy doin? maybe you could give me an update on him and if you get the chance, tell Stacy i love her. We met this way cool armenian kid this week and he came to conference and is lovin the book, so thats awesome! it is finally spring here and the weather is perfect today. no coats is on the menu up quick. Im thinking of running in the mornings next transfer with elder samuelson. Everything is just perfect and i will finish off these last two transfers stronger than all the others. I have told a few people that you guys are coming and they are excited to meet you. I will check on the visa thing but i dont think there is a problem with it. I love you guys and pray for you every day. Hows the Grandparents doin? welp love you all, Elder Paul Oh yeah and i saw conference and it was awesome. Probably one of the main topics was Home improvement and it got me way stoked about the family! I think you guys did a pretty good job at raising us kids, or maybe you just got lucky with really easy kids, except for me of course. well have a good day. You Know

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