Sunday, May 20, 2012

Need to Learn Piano

Okay, so as far as the phone home im thinking I will only be able to over the phone unfortunately, but we will see you soon after that though, so no worries. This past week was really good. two days in a row we met on the street Russian Orthodox members who were missionaries ofone sort or another. one was younger 23 and he showed up to church on sunday and seems pretty interested. his nameis Mihayil. Also we went and helped out at an english group that the bishop's wife and kids attend and there were about 15 of the greatest kids! and the bishops kids are the greatest kids ive ever seen! they were so stoked about getting the new triple combination. Onsunday i gave a smal testimony talk as well as Elder Samuelson and another new sister in our district. This morning we went for a littlee run over to a track and i ran four laps in 4:05. too bad it wasnt a mile! We are going to go up to a little town called pushkina and buy some psycho old russian souvenirs and i got your package but i havent been down in moscow to get it yet, so we aregoing down today. The apartment is all sorted out now and im sleeping real well. running today was really fun and im excited to get back into it. We have a lot of potential in this area, and even a couple of old investigators that want to be baptised. also, President Sorenson is fantastic! he had a trip to voronesh and talked to some guy on the way, got his contact and it turns out he lives in our area! way cool! A little more about elder Samuelson, he is musically inclined and plays a few instruments, he does not have a girlfriend back home, heaven forbid, and he has a good graspon the russian language already. One thing i need to do when i get home is to learn how to play the piano. but thats a long time from now. You guys are awesome and i tell everyone about you and share pictures with everyone, so most russians already know you. hope you have a wonderful week and ill let ya know next week when i will call you guys. Much love You Know Elder Paul Here are some of the latest pictures frm Mitch : )

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