Friday, May 4, 2012

All is Great!

This was a pretty good week, we were especially busy with meetings and other stuff this week so we werent forced to contact outside of metros too much this week, so thats a nice change. We spent some time with president this week and had Zone leader Council at his place and sister sorenson, as usual, made an incredible meal! we were actually fed pretty well the whole week, 4 days in a row we were fed dinner for one reason or another, so that was another nice change. So it looks like i can probably tell you whats happening at transfers on the 20th. i will be training my last to transfers. As of right now his name is Elder Samuelson. I will be in Mitischi where we bought an apartment not long ago, little did i know i was picking out my own apartment, i suppose i should have been a little more picky! just kidding the place is great, ill let you know more about it later. we dropped two suitcases of mine off at the appartment today and we are writing home from the mall next to my new apartment. later today we will be in moscow and this way cool kid Dima is gonna show us some of the sight of moscow that we havent yet seen. Later tonight we are going with hopefully two new investigators to the senior couples place for a family home evening event thing, so that should be awesome! I am really excited for the work right now, everything is really picking up and the mission as a whole is doing much better. so all is great! I love you guys and I love this work! Love, elder Paul

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