Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Birthday in the Field

Well, had a good little birthday. We went down to podolsk apartment
hunting. we had several meetings set up with relators and so we
hussled around the thriving town of podolsk looking at potential for
next transfer opening an area so we will soon have elders and sisters
in the old Dolsk. along with that, in a couple hours we will be
heading down to close the deal on the place and lay down a whole
briefcase full of money. thats an exageration, but not a huge one.
Other news this week, we met with Victor again and he loves it,
howevwer he couldnt make it to church on sunday because he was working
through the night. and Also this guy Vadim is incredible! he is all
about telling everyone he knows about the church and we are going to
meet with him with some of his friends who are interested this week if
we get any time! travel is a kick in the butt too it seems like have
the day we are just travelling, but theres really no other way i
hats off to Scott Halvorsen he is the man! i miss that guy and cant
wait to see his beautiful self and family.
Katrina sent me all of the facebook notifications for my birthday so
that was nice to see that a few people still remembered me thanks to
the electronic reminder that facebook provides.
Im in the office right now cuz we had to get a whole bunch of money
for the appartment and so i would send pictures quite easily but as it
turns out i just changed my card in my camera and i have no photos. so
your out of luck.
well i love you guys and am grateful for your support and love.
Elder Paul

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