Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Lovin and a Golden Investigator

dear family and friends.

highlights of the week:

bought a new suit last p-day for less than 90 bones.

went and saw dead lenin for the first time in my history/

got 2 new investos. one of which is the most golden investo i have ever seen!

we had a training at zone conference

Well you guys. Im getting really excited about you coming,but its still a few months away. and im getting way homesick all of a sudden. it finally hit me i guess, but i way want to hang out with you guys and stuff. I thought about it and we outta just open up a family restaraunt on the east coast and give food to the world. mom can do all the cooking and interior design and deal with all the documents and all the technicalities and dad and I and all the girls can enjoy the food and good company and income. sounds good huh? yeah i thought so too.

the funny thing is im not even kidding.

also, along the lines of our new investo. His name is Victor and hes the coolest guy ever!

oh speaking of the coolest guy ever, vitaly donosov is in spain right now in the MTC and it was way awesome because i happened to be in the building when he got set apart and then the stake president came down looking for missionaries with oil cuz he couldnt find his and we went up and helped witht he blessings and vitaly asked that i give him the blessing, so that was a real honor. man i love that guy!

So Victor is 41 and he is so prepared. 4 examples

He knows that its importand to find his ancestors and there is a link between him and them but he cant figure out why.

when he read moroni 10 3-5 he said that he felt an incredible feeling when he read it.

he told us that he has been looking for something for a long time and he thinks he has found it.

He texted us at 1 in the morning telling us that he is reading the book and he loves it.

He says that when he gets into a book he doesnt stop reading so we are thinking he will be done in a couple days.

only downside is he doesnt live in our area, just like everybody else!

well i gotta go but i love you guys and cant wait to show you my life for the past two years. I have come to a greater knowledge on my mission of the question WHY.

Love Elder Paul

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