Monday, March 19, 2012

The Pool is Not Dry

Well, another good week. We finished everything in podolsk just in the nick of time. after transfer meeting we met the elders down at the train station at the same time that we met the realator to go over and sign the contracts and rent it. Psycho story. this lady, the land lady is the nicest lady you could ever meet. what a lady! and she is offering us tea and bisquits and stuff and we are just lovin it and then i find myself looking at the books in her bookshelf and WHAM! theres a book of mormon just sittin in there! way crazy! I told the other elders who were going to be living there and they freaked out. We didnt bring it up to the land lady though because we were signing documents and handing over huge sums of money, but they are going to ask her about it the next time they see her! so who knows, maybe there was a reason that the first appartment fell through.
Back to our area, we met with the coolest people ever, Alex and Dasha who are good friends living at the south border of Moscow in his parents house who are in the US right now working in the ballet entertainment business. his dad was a famous ballet guy in his youth and was an actor in some movies too and they have a real house! their neighborhood looks lkike some place in america and they have four stories. So we started the first lesson with them. they have a desire to learn more and to find answers to their questions, so i guess they met the right people! they will hopefully make it to church on sunday. Victor is doing well, he hasnt made it to church yet but he is really busy with work right now. this week we met with him and finished the plan of salvation. he said that we introduced a lot of new ideas that interest him a lot. So thats great. of course we are always working on finding new people to teach, but at least the pool is not dry.
Thats awesome that Katrina will be in the same complex and that delaney and Zanna seem to be doing well in track.
I have seen a lot of miracles this week and am grateful for the great opportunity to serve for two years and then for the rest of my life. there were a lot of things that i didnt understand before my mission. I thought i had it all down and everything was good, but how wrong i was. I love the people among whom i serve here and the members are so incredible! I have a lot of great friends who are members here. Vitaly sent me a letter through the missionary in the MTC with him who came to our mission. He is now in St. P being a psycho missionary! man i love that guy!
Well i love you all, enjoy your week, dont forget to read the scriptures!
Love ELder Paul

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