Monday, March 19, 2012

Conference Time!

Holy your a running machine. the whole family is running psycho and im only getting slower inhaling about two packs of secondhand smoke a day. The only person in the family i dont have to worry about being faster than me when i get home is Dad! ha ha This past week we had our mission conference and presiding was President Schitzer of the area presidency. He is a really great man with a large reserve of spiritual concrete. We had interviews with him so that was cool! He gave us his ten points of leadership that i found extremely interesting and i bet you would too.Its about time to start finding an appartment in Mitishi, in the moscow oblast where we will open up a new area next transfer. so that means many hours of time wasted being businessmen. but its really not wasted cuz we are expanding our borders. so its kosh.I went on a split this week with my son elder foster and we had a successful day contacting and inactive member searching. some members let us in and we invited them to general conference.speaking of general conference, thats coming up! Im STOKED! heres the deal, when i was back home i was stoked for general conference cuz that ment i got to sleep in and eat general conference coffee cake as a layed on the couch and fell asleep in front of the tube! I was way missing the mark, but now im stoked to here the words of our church leaders and Prophet so that i can improve in all facets of my life and recieve personal revelation that applies to me right now and about what i need to do after my mission. I enjoy reading over my notes from last conference, whereas before my mission, i didnt even have notes from last conference.Vitaly Donosov's mom sends out his weekly email and i made the cut. He is doing great and loving his mission and the area in which he is serving. that guy is awesome!well lots of other stuff happened, but time has once again evaded me. When i read Katrina's and Zanna'z (palindrome), and Delaney's letters i realize how spiritually strong they are. my sisters are spiritual giants, and if i had not served a mission, my spirituality would have been dwarfed in comparison to theirs. what a great thing to have all of my family members so strong in the faith. I love you guys and thank you for your example.
Elder Paul

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