Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to Square One

So this week was rather eventful. remember that appartment we were getting last monday? well to make a long story short, we got it, Elder started moving in, landlady pulled out, we pulled the luggage out, and last night we officially terminated the agreement. which means we have wasted more than half the week in podolsk and have gotten nothing from it. so the process begins again today as we make our way down to podolsk to look at 5 or 6 potential appartments followed by another hlf day agreeing on one. so these are most of whats we have been occupying time with this week. we also met the two most awesome new investigators at the american center! they are perfect-alex and dasha and they are all about the good ord. they are not married but live together, but they arent in a relationship, so its all good? they invited us to their place tomorrow! bingo bango!In regards to your question of which junk food to send, beef jerky is exquisite as well as 100 grand and butterfinger and a good idea of stuff to hand out to people is those fun size packs of hersheys chocolate, or hersheys kisses. and swedish fish are fantastic.Also BIG NEWS! Finally the new russian translation of the book of mormon D&C and POGP is completed and the first russian triple combination is now available. we will probably be supplied with a standard 3 dollar edition but i was wondering if it is at all possible for you to rder me a leatherbound gold page edition? Apparently it will be faster for you to order it and then send it to me. im not so sure about that but it would be quite the wonderful thing to have. its about 20 bones from what i can tell. If you dont want to gety it, no worries i can get it when i get home and it wont make a big difference heres the deal, this transfer is almost over and then i only have 3 more transfers. thats the worst. But the work keeps going and i notice more and more miracles in this second half of my mission. I love you all and thank you for everything!mom congrats on running pretty good for an old lady.You
Elder Paul

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