Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Half way through second transfer, and this is what Mitch is up to:

Dear family members and aquaintances alike:

I cant really remember what happened this week, all the weeks are blending together into one.
I have a confession. I bought Back to the future in russian today. It cost 50 rubles-about a dollar 50. Now i will just have to let the sight of it haunt me until the end of my mission. haha
Please pray for me so that i can have the courage to find new investigators. im not gonna lie, its dang hard. Pray for the people here in Moscow to be receptive to our message. We are just some punk american teenagers that nobody cares about except for the fact that we speak english.
I have been on a split for the past couple of days because elder rudd had a visa trip. one of the highlight of the split is me and elder owen went to Dima's PE class thing at university and we got kicked out not because we werent students, but because we were wearing dress shoes! Dima is in another are, but he is an awesome kid with way long hair in a ponytail and an earing. He is reading and praying and he is totally gonna get baptized.
To answer your questions mother:
We do english club every other week. we trade off with Elder Rex Morgan and Elder Scott Owen...great elders. There are usually about 30-35 people in our group soit gets kinda crazy sometimes.
As far as service goes, we kinda just do it if it comes up. We havent actually planned any actual service activities because its very hard to get permission. Sometimes we go to peoples flats and help them with english or carry stuff like groceries for the old babs.
There are about 8 church building locations here in moscow all part of the moscow mission. The central building where i go is just one of the meeting places-one of the more popular ones though because of its convenient location.
I have not met Elder Lawrence yet.
I saw general conference in english a week after the one in US.
I bought the double breasted Suit on my second P-day at the renik and it was probably my bast purchase yet. 80 not spending any more money though i assure you.
The crystal in the kinder shelves is the landlords along with a lot of other things in the apartment, like a bookshelf full of books including Pambo 1-3 in russian
Those hats we got at red square and that is me and Elder lex from austria...I hope to serve with him sometime.
I ate at Mak Dak today and i had rostix (KFC) yesterday
Russia is the best. I love my mission. and Kenny G with thirteen albums cost me about a dollar 50.
You all are great I have one min. left!!!
From Russia with Loobov
Elder Paul

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