Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making good brownies and washing bums clothes - Life's good : )

Armand is the first member in the entire country of Benine! i found this out and was so stoked that i had the incredible opportunity to teach him the first lesson along with elder nielson and then commit him to baptism. Hes the greatest! Also we found a new investigator this week and he is an evangalist...He believes alot of the same things we do with exception of course of the main big things and all. He is going to read and we will meet with him in a day or two! stoked.

I am getting significantly better at the language. My pronunciation is pretty darn good and I am undeerstanding more and more. The hard part is speaking and making it gramatically correct.

Oh we met an armenian family that is listed as members but they havent been to church in 8 years so we are going to reactivate them. It actually a miracle that we even met with them, remind me to tell you that story sometime. Apparently i make pretty good brownies. so i make a batch of 50 brownies every so often intendiing to give them to members when we do drop bys or meetings, but we always end up eating more than half of them ourselves! ha
So everything is just pluggin along over there huh, well thats just dandy.

iTS getting colder and Im all set for the cold months ahead... i think

anyways I have to get going now P-days are always Nuts!

oh i washed a bums clothes yesterday. His name is constantine and he is a bum and his clothes smelled like a two month old dead raccoon and they stunk up our bathroom and flat for quite some time. antways thats that. I love this work and I love it all! Every second i love it. I love you all too so dont you forget it

Love From The Motherland,

Elder Paul

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