Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Companion, New Goals, More Pictures!

This week has been very eventful. New companion, New Mission Goals, and New Bible...There is a Lot going on here. First of all, let me describe Elder Rudd. You have a picture of him. He is a wizard at the Piano, has been on his mission for a year and a half. He, like Elder Nielson, wrestled in High School. He speaks Russian very well, and he is very nice. He also likes the apartment to be clean, so our living quarters might be a little nicer this transfer. We are excited about the work! a couple new goals this transfer:
1 baptism a transfer per companionship
SYL outside of the apartment
3 new investigators a week

...among others. Investigators are progressing, but we need more of them. Also this transfer we want to get out and visit every member in our area, because as we all know, the most effective way to do missionary work is through the members.

It is getting a little bit colder now and my coat is great. I also got Sister Watterson's Scarf in the mail the other day, so I’m stoked about that. It’s the perfect scarf and I love it. Tell Michael Watterson "Barev" for me.

If you can send some state quarters in the mail, along with the presidential dollar coins that would be awesome, especially new jersey...just put them in masking tape and they should make it here alright.

Armand got baptized and the next day Elder Nielson and i went on a split to participate in his confirmation, it was awesome! I love that guy! I sent a picture of him at the baptism.

I cant think of much else to say except if anyone wants to write me, you can email me at this and leave your address and i will try and write you while i am on my mission. Thanks for all of your love and support and kind words of encouragement. I have nothing more to say than, dang this is hard work.

If you do not hear from me in another weeks time then I have most likely been incapacitated.

Greetings From the Windy City,


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