Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It snowed for the first time, and transfers!

So we had culture night the other night, we went to a comedy play about...something,,,im not sure what it was about, but i understood a lot...I am at the point where people can say a sentence and i might understand most of the words in the sentence but i cant translate it in my head fast enough, so although i understand the words i hear, i still have no idea what they are sayng...but that will soon change. oh so this play was pretty funny. the actors smoked cigars and the smoke wafted into the audience, totally awesome. and there were a bunch of young groups of kids there out for a night at the play. i wish there were more live theatres in the US.

As you know already, we have transfrers thursday and i will be serving with Elder Rudd in the same place I am now. He is coming to me and Elder Nielson is going to Lobnya. Its sad to end this transfer, but i think it will make me learn a lot very fast, because i have to know everything about my area and all of our investigators and members now...crazy stuff!
We did a little remont (remodel?) and now i have a bed and so does Elder Nielson, too bad it was so late in the tranfer, no its all good.
Sounds like all is going well there, listen to some Passion Pit for me!

It snowed for the first time today!
WE, me elder neilson, Lex, and Miller went to the red square today and went through the cathedral and got some good pics that i will send next week cuz i forgot my cord today.
I'm loving my mission, Im loving the people and I am loving the Lord. We are reading the Blue Book as a mission and its so full of great stuff! I cant believe Juan is heading out and everyone is in the MTC right now, its nuts!

Elder Paul

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