Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Short and Sweet

So Things are going very well. The Book of Mormon is rocking my world. Its a shame i didnt read it at least 50 times before the mission, cuz now i wish i had.
Im stoked to be here and be doing this wonderful work. Im sorry this week is going to be a little short, im running low on time and such and there is work to be done. If there is any words of wisdom that i could give you this week, it would be to ask people questions and learn from them. Just talking to a Bab on the train ride for 20 min. you can learn so much. People are more interesting than books, and they are worth a whole lot more too, so if there is anything you can to to increase brain power, it would be to make a new friend and pick their brain. thats just something ive been thinking about yeah...ladna

happy thanks giving...or is that next week? no idea i have no concept of time anymore. so if its your birthday, then congratulations, go do something with the rest of your missionary work.

Well love you all,Stay classy.
Love From Elder Paul and co.

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