Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Missionary work is great, and so are kinder eggs and 4% milk!

So my trainer's name is Elder Nielsen and he's totally great. He is from Georgia and he has been on the mish for about a year now. He is one of the best elders in the mission, is what everyone says. Our apartment number is, of course, 13. I am serving in the Rechnoy district and there are 6 elders and 2 sisters in my district. Our apartment is great, we have AC and a nice little kitchen with a few roaches and a good shower. Elder Nielson sleeps on the couch and I have a nice mattress on the floor. We ride the metro everywhere and travel time kind bites, but it’s a good way to meet people and share our message. My first day with a companion we had English club which is a really effective way to get new investigators. This first week has been really exciting. We have met several new potential investigators just in the past couple of days. I'm so stoked about this work. Everyone says that people here don’t smile, but that’s totally just stereotype. Everyone is way nice, you just have to break the ice. The food is great, especially chooda, which is a yogurt drink. Also, Elder Nielson and I have had about 20 kinder eggs in the past 5 days. 4% milk is really good, I can’t wait to try 6%.
As far as the language goes, I’m not very good. But it is getting significantly easier to understand. Elder Nielson is a pro at the language and some people even thought he was Russian.
Right now I am in an internet cafe somewhere near our branch building which is called the central building. Everyone freaks out when I tell them that I am from Las Vegas, it’s pretty funny. We were handing out English fliers the other day outside of our metro station and we got to know a couple of the people that sit there with a sign on their chest looking for work. Marina and Michael. She is from Ukraine and he is from Armenia. We taught them about the gospel and then we were talking about food, and we told them we would bring them American food. So next day we brought them grilled cheese sandwiches. We are planning on inviting them both to church next time we see them. Also..yesterday we went all the way out to Lobnia to have a lesson, and we knew it was for a reason, that the Lord had someone for us to meet. On our way back after having a lesson with a crazy baptist preacher and the nicest Lady Loobov, which means love, we bumped into Valeria. He is an old man about 60 with a50 year old girlfriend and he has a huge WOW problem. He walked up to us and said something in broken english and then said he had to go and walked away. It was weird. Elder Neilson and I looked at each other and said "What would Bednar do?" we ran after him and talked to him and he invited us to his place and we set up another appointment with him. So much is happening in the mission right now, it’s a great time to serve in Moscow. Got to go now I only have an hour on the computer.

Keep me updated on whats goin on, i love to hear from you.
Love you all!
Elder Paul


  1. just wondering what kinder eggs are - gonna go check the internet

  2. Okay - I found out - they are chocolate eggs with toys inside.

  3. haha yep - we used to get them in Mexico as kids! After that we would buy them anywhere we could find them - he must be in heaven!