Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Kiss from the Babushka and a Death Threat from the Man in Black

This week went by fast, but it still feels like i have been here for two months. Still no baptismal commitments this week, but our goal is three for next week. I'm excited because this area is really taking off right now.
I don’t know when the first snow is but it doesn’t start to stay on the ground until November i think. But for right now the weather is perfect. We went to the Reenik both P-days now and it’s an outdoor market. I got a little leather bag for my kneega mormona. I guess that’s the popular thing over here is like a purse-like bag for the guys. I think the fashion here is actually a lot better than that in the US. No big deal.
JUANCHO! I'm so STOKED for you! You are going to be an awesome missionary! Love you man.
...dang, Honduras...
ummmmm...oh yeah. I was on the metro and this guy dressed all in black with pretty much only sideburns and not much other hair on his head stared me down. when i walked by he stopped me and checked out my tag and then motioned for me to walk away. I looked back at him and he pointed at me and then moved his finger across his neck, threatening to kill me. he got out of the metro at our stop and stood in front of the door and motioned for us to go fight him or something. we just stayed on the metro and laughed as the doors closed. the guy was such a joker and no real threat, and we didn’t see him again, but I can’t help but think what would have happened if we got out...but other than that one guy, everyone is very nice. A Babushka (accent on the first A) saw that I was serving a church, and it doesn’t matter what church it is, she grabbed me and gave me a big kiss.
Elder Nielson is a stud and we are on a roll right now. I made blanc mange and it was great, but we had to substitute root beer flavoring for the vanilla extract. If there is anything you can send me once i get the address to you, it would have to be vanilla extract.
The food is great and I am getting plenty of it. Sharma is probably my favorite. It’s like a Russian burrito that they sell on the street and its way good. Some people say not to eat from the vendors off the street, but I think it’s a bunch of balogna.
I think I am going to buy a coat next week, and i cant think of what else to say.
The work is hard, and right now, for me the language is harder than anything, but I know it will come.
I love the work and I love the Lord, and it’s incredible to see people and be a part of people coming closer to Christ. I Love you all, and thank you for all of your love and support.
Until next time,
From Moscow with love
Elder Paul


  1. Dude I know u can't read this but thanks for the shout-out. I miss you mucho, Katrina thanks for having the blog :)

  2. makes me cry - how blessed these boys are to have these opportunities!