Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baptismal Dates and a Sick (literally) Companion

Mailing Information from Mitch:

Okay, here is the mission address:
Russia Moscow Mission
Glavpochtmant a/ai257
Moscow 101000

That should be good for packages, but as far as sending regular mail you might want to use pouch mail, its much faster. Pouch mail takes about two weeks to get here, and regular mail takes at least twice as long. It might be another month before i get your letter. Elder Nielson got a package yesterday that was sent in june, six days before i even went into the MTC!
Pouch Mail address(in case you dont have it)
Elder Mitchell Paul
Russia Moscow Mission
PO Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT

Pouch mail requirements are something like no envelopes and you fold it three ways (one paper) taped. a good thing to do is to print out a bunch of pictures on a paper and send that in pouch mail. Russians Love Pictures.

Mitch's Letter: you might want to send me my christmas presents now so that they arrive around Christmas time...just sayin. This last few days has been nuts! Elder Nielson got deathly ill (probably from all the pears that we have been eating off the street) and that lasted until this morning, he is feeling a lot better now, so we should be back on our game by tomorrow. Too much time in the apartment is never a good thing, but i got a lot of work done, which is good.
We got two baptisimal dates last week, which was awesome. One of them is Our man Arman...this way cool African guy from Benine who is here studying to be a doctor for 10 years. We gave him the first Lesson in English and we miraculously had a BOM in french at our apartyment that we gave to him because his native language is french. Why in the world did we have a French BOM in our flat? Just a little miracle, no big deal. He agreed to be baptized in the first lesson!
So we have been working a lot outside of moscow in some cities called Lobnia and Dolga Prudnie, and we have been seeing lots of good stuff there, and President decided to open a new area there, which is totally awesome! I hope that i get to serve there cuz i already know lots of great members and investigators out there. We call it Miracle City.
The language is kickin my butt pretty hard...elder ablett still isnt here yet, so im the only missionary in the whole mission who can’t speak Russian! I think I am going to do SYL with elder Nielson pretty soon, and that will help. Besides that I just need to talk with everyone.
Well that’s all I can really think of this week,if you could send me a package with some classical musick CD's that would be superb!
Maybe i will buy a coat today...
Until Next Time,
Love you all!
Elder Paul

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  1. I just gotta say, I love this boy soooo much!!! And I love waking up to these letters of his every Wednesday morning : )