Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dang, It's been a month already!!!

Dang, Its been a month already, what the heck is going on? I think that no matter what I am going to have to buy a coat today because everyone says its going to be cold very soon. Dang Sister Watterson, you are the best! I can’t wait to get the scarf!
I'm eating very well and I feel great...ummm I probably eat too much chocolate. we have an entire cupboard full of kinder egg toys (50 or so), oh and my shirts turned way blue because there was a sock that I left in the washer, so I got some bleach today and hopefully they will come out white...I don’t know how many colors those shirts have been..
I got a haircut this morning...all I really knew how to say is that I wanted it I got it shorter, much shorter...let’s just say the scar in the back of my head is fully visible...I will take a picture and next week find a computer that I can upload my photos onto and send them to you, hopefully...

Right after sacrament meeting on Sunday I went on a split with Elder Wight up to Padolsk, this little city about an hour south of Moscow. We had some good meetings the night before, but the next day all of our meetings fell through and we ended up walking across the entire city of padolsk and then street contacting for English club, which went very well. And then we went back and one of the ward members at he central building had made a meal for us and it was good spaghetti and meatballs. And that’s about it for my split. Oh and I realized that I have never been tracting. Weird huh? A month on my mission and 0 tracting. Thats like what I had always thought missionary work would be like, but it’s totally not, because there are way more effective ways to do the work. For example meeting with members and asking for referrals and English club and such...English club is tonight and I’m way excited. My goal is to invite three people to either church or to meet with us after the meeting.
Oh so quick story:
We went to a bob's dome (babushka's house) and gave her a short lesson and then she offered us some raisin looking things that were sitting on her window sill. I should have known not to eat it, after pulling off a wad of human hair, but I ate it and it had a nasty pit in it, it was like eating a bone and it had a way strong nasty taste...haha and after I ate that, the tea tasted really good...oh yeah they drink tea with everything...
anyways, gots ta go, I love it here i love you all!
Love Elder Paul

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