Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Exciting Week for Mitch!

It has been an exciting week for Elder Paul! He left the Provo MTC on Monday, and was able to call us from the airport!!! He spoke some Russian for us, it sounded good, but then again we don't know Russian. haha. Mitchell is now in Russia!!! He recieved a short e-mail from him today, his new p-day will be Wenesday.

From Elder Paul:

I'm doing great, and I caught up on a little sleep last night. Yesterday I went and saw red square and we did some contacting. The schedule this week was changed, but normally, P-day is going to be on Wednesday, which is today. I am going to be finding out who my new companion is today. Elder Ablett should be coming in sometime this week. The metro is awesome and the city is great! I cant wait to experience more of it. I will email you next week and I will have plenty to tell you. Have a great week!

Can't wait to hear from him next week!!!

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