Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News from Elder Fell

Dear Outside World,
I am well, and all is well. Hoping all is well out there too. Well, this past week went well. I love the Russian CTR ring, it brings me much joy. The highlight of this week was when elder Ablett told me that he heard me talking in my sleep...In Russian! Totally awesome. Ummm, so we taught the second lesson this past week and tomorrow we teach it again in Russian, and we get to talk about medical illnesses that our fake branch president has. I learned how to say "he is a leper", but I mostly learned useful things related to the gospel, so no worries there. I got my Russian name tags this week and my name, phonetically is spelt "PAL" it looks very weird to the Russian natives because it is so short, they all have very long and almost impossible to pronounce names. In Russian, my new name means FELL. so now i am officially Elder Fell...its pretty awesome! I have about 3 weeks left and we still haven’t cracked open the pigs feet...even though they are expired we plan on breaking them out before everyone leaves. Also, thank you so much for the dried black fungus and the dried anchovies...I haven’t eaten them yet, but we probably will when we open the pigs feet. We are doing three SYL days this week, we did one yesterday and we have one tomorrow and then another on Saturday. I wish i could leave the MTC early, cuz I just want to get out there and get goin!
Also, Papa, Thank you infinitely for the biographies, they might just save my life.
I am writing this email before going to the temple today. 7 of the Natives are going through the temple today and we get to go through with them! I’m so stoked!
I am still mentally and emotionally stable, and I am getting plenty of physical exercise at gym where we play a game that we made up called Super Smash Ball. its awesome.
Also I want to personally thank Sterling for the flies that he sent me. they were not still alive when I received them, but i loved them as if they were.
and if someone could send me an octopus anatomy chart, it would be much appreciated, because we have been trying to figure out how big an octopus' brain is and what that stuff is that makes its head so big...
Love you all!
Elder Fell
p.s. that Russian word is not really a word...yeah

Thank you to all of those who are supportng Mitchell on his mission! He truly appreciates your packages, letters, and prayers!